Airing Wednesday December 16th @ 8:30PM EST

Patti LaBelle is jumping into the kitchen to bake up some fun and delicious pies with her number one Patti Pie Fan, YouTube sensation James Wright Chanel. It's all about the holidays and her favorite homemade pies! They'll prepare Patti's favorite Apple-Peach Cobbler, and her famous Holiday Brisket Pot-Pie. Of course, the headliner is Patti's family's Sweet Potato pie recipe, and it definitely makes you belt out a high note and scream out Patti's name.

James Wright Is In The House!

Patti LaBelle super fan James Wright Chanel became an instant internet sensation when his video review of Patti LaBelle's Sweet Potato Pie went viral last year. During the review, James sang and danced as he ate the pie and just couldn't get enough. His video has been viewed more than 10 million times and the Sweet Potato Pie was sold out for weeks thanks to the video. Almost immediately, Patti reached out to James and the two became best friends instantly and on this special you can watch them hit some high notes, both singing and cooking!

Never A Dull Moment

Miss Patti kicks things off with a holiday brisket pot pie! Prepared with tender and delicious shredded brisket mixed with potatoes and veggies. Cooked to perfection, this delicious dish makes the holiday meal time satisfying. It's never a dull moment in the kitchen with Patti and James as they prepare Miss Patti's apple peach cobbler. Miss Patti never misses a beat as she shows James how she does it in the kitchen.

Savory and Sweet

We bring it on home with the family recipe for Patti's Sweet Potato Pie, a pie soooo good it makes you want to smack somebody and it makes James hit a high note! Nothing says good eatin' during the holidays than a Patti LaBelle pie. Savory or sweet, her recipes can't be beat!

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